How to Quit Smoking

Not many people realize that smoking is a big issue in today’s society and people are just not taking it seriously. When in fact, smoking is a type of addiction that is just as harmful as some drug. The worst thing about smoking is that you are not only harming your personal health but the health of people that are constantly around you. They made a choice not to smoke and ruin their health, but when you light up a cigarette near them, they don’t have the option but to inhale that smoke.

To be able to quit smoking, you need to have a really strong mental state because it is all in your head. A lot of people have tried to quit, but after just a few weeks or days, they get right back to it. That is just showing you how smoking can be a serious addiction problem. Luckily for you, in this article, you can find simple tips and ways that you can use to quit smoking.

Cold Turkey

One of the most common ways people try to quit smoking is with the method called a cold turkey and you are most likely familiar with that name because it is commonly used when people are trying to quit doing something. The reason why it is most commonly used method is that it doesn’t require anything, you just simply need to decide that you are going to quit and never touch a cigarette again in your life. The issue with this method is that it is really hard to get results, especially when you are a smoker for few years. Leaving cigarettes that fast will not be possible for a lot of people, but because you have nothing to lose, you might just give it a try.

Nicotine Patches

patchThe next method that you can use to slowly recover from your smoking addiction is to use nicotine patches. These patches are designed with the purpose to give your body a dose of nicotine whenever you want to light up a cigarette. The reason for that is because the hardest part is to leave the nicotine, and using these patches, you can slowly reduce the amount that you are taking in daily. Faster than you can realize, you will be living without the need to light up a cigarette and you will be a much healthier person and you will get back a lot of friends.


The last option that you might have is the E-cigs. As you might already know these are fake cigarettes that are designed for smokers because they are far healthier. The one thing that not many people know is that you can use them to quit smoking. They have the option to put nicotine inside and you can use that just as easily as the nicotine patches. You just need to find a dose that will keep you calm and slowly work your way down until you reach the point where you don’t need any nicotine at all.